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May 27, 2017

Lance Snacks Contributing to Education with a Sweepstakes

It is stressful for parents to figure out how they will be able to pay for their child’s tuition. According to the College Board, in the last ten years, tuition has doubled for a four-year public institution. The staggering annual tuition and its additional fees can be a hassle, and Lance Snacks is here to help. Lance Snacks is celebrating its 100th year of serving the delicious and nutritious snack crackers by having the Lance Sandwich Crackers Back to School Sweepstakes.

The Lance Sandwich Crackers Back to School Sweepstakes focuses on helping children receive education at a more affordable cost. Three grand prize winners will receive $10,000 towards tuition. School supplies are also expensive, and that is why 200 runner-ups will receive a $100 Visa gift card for school gear. The last 2,000 runner-ups will receive a free Limited Edition Lance Snacks lunch bag. [Read more…]