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May 27, 2017

Behind-the-Scenes at the World’s Largest INVENTION FACTORY

What is that idea you are dying to bring to the world? Is it an automotive component, so simple yet so overlooked, that would be a no-brainer for any driver? Is it a kitchen gadget meant to simplify the cooking process? Perhaps you have some gardening tools perfect for small and big time tomato growers all around the country? Whatever it is, go Behind-the-Scenes at the World’s Largest INVENTION FACTORY to help your idea come to life.

George Davison, the creator of Inventionland, wants to help give you the resources to revive that long lost new great idea that will have the world buzzing. More than 150 new product prototypes are created every month at Inventionland, where its award-winning team of designers exemplifies the art of creating and building. Davison and his team provide all the services you need to establish your invention (fewer than 1% of inventions become marketed products). [Read more…]

Creative Offices Around the World

We all know that work environment is one of the main factors of the job efficiently. For this reason, big companies invest a lot of money not just in job education, but on office interior design and friendly working space. As a result you can check really interesting offices with friendly kitchens, playgrounds, castles, slides, but also eco-friendly offices located in greenery having glass materials and woods and nature all around.

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Dos and Don’ts on Job Interview

Just about all people looking for work identify the significance of get yourself ready for the interview. Knowning that indicates not only turning up with the cv in hand and a smile in your face. You most likely know at least a few of the stuff you must do to organize. Nevertheless, have you ever considered what you need to not do – before, during and right after a job interview? We have put together photos of Do’s and Dont’s for the before, during and after stages associated with a job interview. Stick to those and you will be confident you will be prepared to create a achievement of this job interview – and with confidence and rapidly proceed to the top Employing Manager’s “hiring” listing. [Read more…]