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May 27, 2017

Get Schooled on Life-Threatening Anaphylaxis

Get schooled on anaphylaxis by showing your support with the Raise Their Hand for Anaphylaxis Awareness competition. This competition is dedicated to showing love and support to those who have suffered this allergic reaction by educating communities nationwide through this project. ABC’S “Modern Family” star Julie Bowen has teamed up with Mylan Specialty, L.P. to educate the public on the severity of this sickness. The competition is open from May 21, 2013 through October 1, 2013 for individuals aged 13 and older. For complete competition rules, please visit www.Anaphylaxis101.com.

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Top 4 Secret you Must Know about Health Education

The need for health training work may be the appropriate factor to bettering our local communities and bettering our personal health. The primary goal is to supply individuals the way by which they’ll take far better care of themselves since it concerns essential healthcare problems. These kinds of jobs could be everything from public health schooling to  alb work and health science. By advertising and marketing  health education, the actual idea is that it may help individuals to exercise and sustain what they’ve learned and transfer it for future years. [Read more…]

Apple Co-Founder to give Keynote at ATA 2012 Annual Meeting

Apple co-founder and giant in the business and technology worlds Steve Wozniak is slated to give the marquees address at the American Telemedicine Associations Annual Meeting this year, which is the world’s largest telemedicine, telehealth and mHealth event.  Wozniak, who started out as a computer engineer and programmer, co-founded Apple alongside Steve Jobs in the 1970s.

The 17th ATA Annual Meeting will take place in San Jose, California from April 29 through May 1.  In part because of Wozniak’s participation in this year’s meeting, the ATA 2012 Annual Meeting is expected to be the largest one yet, according to the American Telemedicine Association.  It is expected that more than 4000 professionals will attend the 2012 Annual Meeting, and more than 200 exhibitors and 450 peer reviewed presentations are planned.  [Read more…]